Peter Bernstein

Peter Bernstein solo on “Metamorphosis” (transcribed by Tono Gonzalez)

2014 was a big year for the blog. The blog gained many new followers and reached out to thousands across the world. I was delighted to receive an email on the last day of 2014 from Tono Gonzalez from Mexico who transcribed and submitted this wonderful solo from Peter Bernstein from his Criss-Cross record Earth Tones. One of my goals with the blog is to have people from all over submitting their work, so to get this email from Tono was very exciting.


I wrote back to Tono because I wanted to know a little about him and his background, this is what he wrote:

“I’m from Mexico, of Durango city, I’ve actually course the 4 semester of Musical Education bachelor’s on the “Escuela Superior de Música UJED.

About the solo… I like so much the first lick, over a A7alt for resolve it to a Dm6addd9, is a part of solo what i most  can internalize; I would also stand out the rhythm,  in some parts is really interesting, with a triplets of crotchet and quaver are a resource what is very easy to learning, but dificult to apply in your own playing (at least for me), the last part of the one chorus solo have a great lick for learn because cross over a great chord changes, from to A7alt-Dmaj9-C#7alt-F#maj9 back to the A7alt and resolve it to a Dm6add9; the harmony of the song in general is easy to learn, move for 4ths and chromatics 4ths with a exciting dominant chords for move between the chords in the part B; really I keep working in  this solo, I hope you can analize it with me, is a great solo of a great song! “(sorry my english is so basic)

Tono….even though your written English might be basic that is OK! We all speak the universal language of Music and that is what really matters in the end. And if you really think about it, I couldn’t even attempt to write and email in Spanish so you have way more together than I do!

Thanks again for sharing and I hope this gives others the motivation to submit their work.

Download Solo HerePeter__Bernstein_Metamorphosis