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Two Jimmy Raney Tunes

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For as much as I absolutley love Jimmy Raney’s playing, I equally love his composing, something I feel he is not known for. Sometime ago I went on a streak of trying to learn as many of his tunes as I could find. There are only a handful that he wrote but these are two of my favorites.

“Action”, which was also titled “Motion” is based on the standard “You Stepped out of a dream” (Also check out Chick Corea’s “Chick’s Tune” for another great line on these same changes). Download Lead Sheet here….. “Action” – Jimmy Raney

“Signal”is a classic example of a tune that embodies the sound and vibe of the classic quartet with Stan Getz. It is basically a Bebop tune but there is a distinct modern/angular shape to the melody that points in another direction. Download Lead Sheet here……. “Signal” – Jimmy Raney  (note: The basic gist of this chart is here but if I had time I would go back and edit some of the ways I notated the rhythms and I would add some of the counter lines and hits that are an important part of the tune..FYI)

To learn more about Jimmy Raney visit the the Jimmy Raney Website

Jimmy Raney’s solo on “Este Seu Olhar” (Transcribed by: Nick Fryer)

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Here is an oldie but goodie from the archives. A great one chorus solo from master improviser Jimmy Raney. “Este Seu Olhar” is a rarely played Antonio Carlos Jobim tune from the record “Two Jims and Zoot”.


Download solo here: Jimmy Raney’s Solo on %22Este Seu Olhar%22