Clifford Jordan

Doug Rosenberg’s Transcriptions #6: Clifford Jordan solo on “Moon Rays”

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This solo is from a genre-defining Blue Note song by Horace Silver, called “Moon Rays.” Mr. Silver just passed away a few weeks ago, and now is a great time to celebrate his genius.
Clifford Jordan was an excellent saxophone player best known for his work with Charles Mingus, Max Roach, and Cedar Walton. Another notable album of his is called “Blowing in From Chicago,” with another Chicago tenorman John Gilmore. Jordan is notable for his great tone, definitely close to the Dexter Gordon/John Coltrane sound. In this solo, you can hear a very swinging, extremely behind-the-beat style.
The melodic language is very conservative and bebop-based. That means lots of arpeggios and use of particular licks. Clifford Jordan makes this material sound soooooo good!


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