Charlie Haden

– Remembering Charlie Haden Part #1 “Waltz for Ruth”

Since Charlie Haden’s passing I have been thinking about this tune. I have listened to this tune so much but never learned it. So today I sat down and wrote it out. It’s such a great melody and the changes are amazing! It’s in the key of Eb but starts in F then goes to G and then slips into the home key and stays there for the rest of the tune. I love the way Charlie and Pat play this on the opening of “Beyond the Missouri Sky”. I tried to keep the phrasing on the melody very basic. You will notice that it isn’t exactly the way Pat phrases it on the record. Also note that on the third to last bar of the tune they are often playing E7, but again I kept it simple and wrote it as a V Chord. The sound of the two instruments and the way that that those guys play on that record is unbelievable. I hope that maybe everyone will print this out and play this tune to remember Charlie.

Download Lead Sheet for  Waltz For Ruth

Bassist Charlie Haden