Charlie Christian’s solo on “Solo Flight” (transcribed by: Tim Fowler)

After a brief hiatus from blogging, JazzTranscriptions is back with a classic Charlie Christian solo from Lexington, KY based guitarist Tim Fowler.

Tim Fowler has been a guitarist ever since he saw one as a child. Drawn by a wide variety of styles, he studied Jazz and Classical guitar and North Texas State University(now University of North Texas). These days he splits his time between the guitar and mandolin.   The mandolin, while being native to bluegrass, has a home in music as diverse as Choro to Classical to swing and contemporary stringband. ( )

Charlie Christian’s rhythmic approach was so innovative. All the hallmarks of his rhythmic language are present here in this solo. Hard to believe he was only in his early twenties when he passed away. One could only imagine what he could have developed if he had be given just a few more years, let alone a life time to work on his craft.

Download Transcription here…. Solo Flight 



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